New Homeo & Juliet w/ comedy sensation @DeolKiran!

Actress and comedian Kiran Deol (of beautiful hair, stand-up comedy and Harvard University fame) joined me and Jason to discuss male models, coming of age (yes, I lovingly used the phrase ‘coming of age’) in southern Florida and doing the Lord’s work (or at least bringing your unique perspective on the world) via stand-up comedy.

Listen and tell your pals. Also on iTunes. Here we are in a post-podcast glow:


Whelp, first attempt at a triple layer caramel cake was a bust. I will say what it lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in taste. And I broke a sweat making the icing so at least home girl got a workout in. Will attempt again and report back.


Found this gem while I was updating some resumes ‘n bios ‘n shit. Makes me laugh still.


Newest Homeo & Juliet w/ @CasualVelvet Heather Thomson & @JasonRomaine

Super talented LA comic and ultimate gal pal Heather Thomson came on the podcast to talk her diverse dating repertoire, comedic genius (?) and L.I.F.E.

Also, I dare Jason to wear a neon tank top out in the bar scene if I agree to wear a Kardashian ‘09 romper. CHALLENGING STUFF, gang - Bey and Jay; Portland; the dead talk show format - SO much covered!

Tell your friends and listen on Stitcher Radio too!


@SwabforTraneka on Homeo & Juliet! (w/ yours truly & @JasonRomaine)

The latest episode of Homeo & Juliet features my kind, beautiful and hilarious friend Traneka Davis. In search of her own bone marrow donor, she has become a true activist for the cause of increasing the bone marrow donor registry for minorities. And although I feel like she lived by this philosophy even before she was diagnosed, she discussed the importance of truly being grateful for every new day and all of life’s little pleasures. Home girl is literally stopping to smell the roses. Check out her facebook page: for more details on her personal search for a donor and how you can get involved.

PS We’ve been begging her to come on the podcast since we started it because she’s super funny and utterly unique but it took cancer to get her to agree to it. She claims stage fright but I’m not buying it.



The EOS trendy chapstick is starting to feel like grazing a nip on my lips and I’m pretty sure it’s just Burt’s Bees’ing me by rolling on more chap. Is there a lip moisturizer in existence that actually does its job? #whitepeopleproblemsindeed