Newest podcast w/ "Dying To Do Letterman" star Steve Mazan

Listen and be inspired! Our guest on the latest Homeo & Juliet made a childhood dream come true. Also, jury duty recap. You know you want it. I am not married to a lawyer [yet].

Find out more about Steve at


New Homeo & Juliet w/ Last Comic Standing finalist Jimmy Shubert!

One of my favorite comedians and headliners to work with, Jimmy Shubert, joined me and J.Ro to discuss crashing Montreal, swinger parties, Internet “dating,” the back of Mitzi’s limo and touring with Sam Kinison and the Outlaws of Comedy. Also available on Stitcher Radio, iTunes and now Pride 48!


Fantastic new Homeo & Juliet w/ @Melissa_McQueen & @JoeBetance !

This is definitely one of my favorite episodes to date. Another gay guy/straight gal bestie duo,  Melissa McQueen (comedian, writer, actress and highly skilled impressionist - and a fellow redhead, to boot) and Joe Betance (comedian, screen writer and fellow podcaster) joined me and Jason to discuss OkCupid protocol, the LA dating wasteland and some close calls with Lorne Michaels.

Also available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio and pretty soon, the Pride48 network!


"Jason, quick, pretend you’re posing for a pic so I can get this gal jogging in full-blown winter gear on an 80 degree day at the beach." Then we took turns guessing the inner monologue with which she was shaming herself for eating sugar last night. (We’re great people.)


"But where did September go?!?!"

- Everyone alive

Newest Homeo & Juliet w/ comedy and actor @MarkFry !

Comedian and actor Mark Fry joined us to discuss our mutual journey on the Canadian Boob Tour (way more wholesome than it sounds), the San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival and the Costco Employee Talent Show. Learn more about this adorable, fun loving redhead on his website