"But where did September go?!?!"

- Everyone alive

Newest Homeo & Juliet w/ comedy and actor @MarkFry !

Comedian and actor Mark Fry joined us to discuss our mutual journey on the Canadian Boob Tour (way more wholesome than it sounds), the San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival and the Costco Employee Talent Show. Learn more about this adorable, fun loving redhead on his website www.markfrycomedy.com.


I’ve had too much fun bee bopping all over Canada with James Uloth and Steve Mazan! Thanks for a great show tonight, Deloraine! #comedyforthecure #beebop #canada #alanis #istillhavenotseendrakewtf?


We made it to the Geographical Center of North America! It was okay.

It shared a parking lot with a closed Internet Cafe and a mysterious “gym.” It was too hot to really enjoy the GCofNA but this, too, is now crossed off the to-see-before-I-die list, even though I did not know of its existence until today when I insisted we pull over a take pics for our personal Internets.


Before I kick the bucket, I want to visit every state in this great country of ours. Today I’m crossing North Dakota off the list! Lots o’ farms and fields full of sunflowers (most of them are dead this time of year but I saw a few real, live ones).

The Dairy Queen patrons were not F-ing around - all 90+ and pounding chili dogs and Blizzards like champions. Mad respect. The headliner on our tour loves DQ so much he nearly wrecked the vehicle pulling off the highway. Even more mad respect.

Show tonight in the city of Minot for Raise the Woof fundraiser. Will report back as to whether North Dakotans can handle my Alabama-California hybrid accent.


I had a blast traveling throughout the Alberta province of Canada last week with The Boob Tour. (All proceeds from the show go toward breast cancer research and the local charities that support it; it isn’t a celebration of my great rack, contrary to my initial reaction when asked to join the tour this year).

I’m excited to head back up there this week for more shows in the Manitoba region. I’m like knocking Canada out in a month, y’all. The people and scenery were just as delightful as I imagined. For more info, on the cause these shows are championing and dates, check out:

www.theboobtour.com and www.woofraise.com