First ever attempt to bake a cake from scratch. Vanilla cake with dark chocolate frosting. Will report back with consumer satisfaction level.


Listen, laugh and love.


Spotted what I thought was a relic today. Ahhhh, the ole’ L.L. Bean monogrammed backpack. I had one exactly like this, with just initials, in middle and high school, as did EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON AT MY MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL. This gal and her Bean really took me back. Good memories came a floodin’ in (Sorry, I was popular in high school!) but we really did fail at the whole individuality/good taste thing. Home girl wouldn’t be caught dead sporting this thing today.*

*You keep doing yo thang though, Cora, don’t let me hold you down.


New podcast is up with LA comic Tracie Walker!

Tracie is one of my favorite comics to watch in LA. We had a great chat with her about her past and present LA journey. We also introduce our new theme song. I made up a tune in my head and asked my friend if she could write the music for it. It felt good to actually bring a creative idea to fruition. I don’t do that often other than this podcast in general and what I do on stage. Also, I love to sing and never get the chance to do it publicly so here’s my shot, gang!

We’re also on iTunes. Rate and review if you’re listening there!


I blocked off this afternoon to write and so excited to share the finished product with you all! Really slaved over this literary labor of love:

Get it guys I didn’t write I baked. In all fairness to me, they turned out pretty damn delightful and I did CREATE something.



To everyone in Los Angeles who bitches about how “hot” it is when the temperature rises above 75 degrees: not sure if you’re aware, but having basically 365 days of warmth every year is kinda what makes LA awesome. If you don’t care for it, by all means, please take leave of us. Not sure if you noticed, but traffic’s pretty awful.